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skylight n : a window in a roof to admit daylight [syn: fanlight]

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From sky + light



  1. A window, dome, or opening in the roof or ceiling, to admit natural light.
  2. Diffuse sky radiationsolar radiation reaching the earth's surface after having been scattered from the direct solar beam by molecules or suspensoids in the atmosphere


opening in the roof

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afterglow, air glow, bay, bay window, bow window, candescence, casement, casement window, ceiling, eaves, fan window, fanlight, flush, gleam, glint, gloss, glow, grille, housetop, incandescence, lancet window, lantern, lattice, light, louver window, luster, oriel, overhead, pane, penthouse, picture window, plafond, port, porthole, ridgepole, roof, roof garden, roof-deck, roofage, roofing, roofpole, rooftop, rooftree, rose window, sheen, shine, shingles, shininess, shining light, slates, sunset glow, tiles, top, transom, wicket, window, window bay, window glass, windowpane
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